Using an nVidia card with an AMD processor?

Hi. I bought a prebuilt PC back in December. I'm satisfied with the processor (AMD A10-6700 APU with Radeon HD 8670D) but I feel that I could get some more performance out of the graphics card especially in regards to gaming, hence why I'm looking to change it out. I just wanted to know if the following card is compatible with my processor:

As for my questions,

Since this is my first foray in changing around my PC's insides, though, I just wanted to know if they're compatible. I've also heard about this SLI thing that comes with the nVidia card, and I've heard about incompatibilities it has with AMD processors, so I'm wondering if this will impact it in any way?

I'm also wondering if my prebuilt even has the capacity to have parts swapped out; it's an Asus tower and that's really I know about it. I just want to know if I can swap out parts in a prebuilt without a hitch. Thank you.
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    It will work just fine with no compatibility problems as long as you have PCIe power connectors available.
  2. AMD CPU + NVidia GPU should cause no problems at all. The only thing stopping you from buying the 760 might be your PSU. A 760 will need at least a 500w PSU. How big is your PSU? Also, what brand is it etc?
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