Sound issue with intel dx38bt motherbord

mobo= intel dx38bt
Was using onboard sound with a headset. Mike worked and speakers worked. Headset was pretty old so I found a logitech usb headset. Pluged it in and windows installed the software for it. I did not care for the logitech set so I found another headset that I can use with the onbord sound plugs. The speaker plugs into the black and the mike plugs into the pink. Hook it up, unplug the usb headset. Nothing. yes i shut down my computer to do all this :)

Any idea as to whats going on? Or how to fix?
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  1. Speaker should plug in to the green, not the black. The black is surround/retasking; green is line out.
  2. control panel/sond. this is where i am confused at most. ive got a tab for palyback,recording,sounds,comunications. Where do i go now?
  3. its hooked up the way the manuel says to hook it up as well as the same way I had it hooked up with the headset prior to the logitech usb ones.
  4. What's the default playback device set to?
  5. The motherboard manual says green (page 25 )
  6. Ok I tried it, i do not get any sound no matter what. and cuz i forgot, yes its enabled in the bios. :)
  7. what i am assuming is that there is drivers from the usb headset that are not allowing the onboard sound plugs to work.?
  8. The defaunlt shows here with everything thats an option.
    amd hdmi output not plugged in,
    speaker/HP ready,
    Headphones (RIC) Default,
    SPDF-Out(Rear) ready
  9. Ok, check your audio settings and make sure the audio output is set to your onboard audio (and that the driver is up-to-date).
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    Change it to speaker/HP and see what happens.
  11. Thats the ticket! Thanks. Was driven me crazy. Felt liek it was rite there lookin me in the eyes mocking me lol. Thanks again
  12. You're welcome (just make sure to pick that as the solution).
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