Need to upgrade the graphic's card but have a problem with the PSU

Hi guys! I think it's time to upgrade my machine and i saw this really good and cheap AMD Radeon 7770 but i only have a 300W PSU! I have an i5 Quadcore 3.00GHz CPU and a Nvidia GeForce GT 530. I also saw the AMD XFX Radeon 7750 wich only needs the power from the PCI slot! I don't really plan on upgrading the PSU but i will if necessary to install the 7770. What do you guys think? Thanks for your time!
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    The HD7750 will run on the PSU but will be pushing it with the HD7770. Look at GTX750 and 750Ti they will run on modern 300watts no problem
  2. yeah, go for any card that only needs the power from the pcie slot.
  3. Thanks guys!
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