i upgraded my pc, black ops 2 gets a constant 100-130 fps online, yet i see screen tearing?

Can anyone help me figure out if its my ram, or video card, or just because i'm using a 2 year old 47" Vizio-E series 60HRZ tv and not a gaming monitor? or..

AMD FX 8350 (4.0 ghz)
Asus M5A99FX
600W PSU
Asus GTX 680 2GDDR5
8 gigs RAM (x1 8gb) 667 <- idk even know why it's that low tbh
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    Tearing isn't to do with your build, Your "TV" or monitor is 60Hrz meaning any fps like 100fps will cause tearing because the monitor cannot refresh quick enough for the next frame, they are not synced with each other.

    You can stop this tearing by turning on V-Sync (vertical sync) on in the game settings this will cap your FPS at your monitors max Hrz, in your case it will cap the fps at 60.

    Your monitor is fine, most are around 60Hrz.
  2. thanks a buch. when i v-sync it just seems laggy though. maybe i'll get like the ONLY monitor that features 144 hrz lol. it's always sold out when i can afford it lol
  3. It shouldn't be laggy, anything above 50fps is hard to notice.
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