CrossFireX on mine Power Supply????

I wish to buy 1 more Asus R9 270X DC2TOP so I can do CrossFireX.

This is my specs
Motherboard: MSI Z77A-GD65
PSU: Chieftec A80 750W

Please rate my PSU and tell me can I do crossfirex or no?
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    Yes you can.
  2. Yes those are 6 and 6+2 PCIe power for GPU.
  3. You can see VGA 1 and VGA 2 on PSU is busy now by cables of my GPU, are you sure, where should I connect other cables?
  4. I do not know what you have on the other end of those modular cables but you will need 4 x 6 pin for those cards and if you only have 2 then you can use molex to 6 pin adapters for the other two. It is not the best PSU but is far from the worst and with dual 35amp +12 volt rails it has the specs to handle it.
  5. Can I use these ? If yes I should connect them on right side of PSU (Black entrance) ?????
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