Custom pc build. 1st time !!!

After doing some research on my own i think ive pretty much nailed down my first ever custom pc build. I do have a few questions and would love to hear others opinions on my choices.

I am a rts gamer and most played games include: Starcraft II, Supcom FA, SinsofaSolarEmpire Rebellion and Planetary Annihilation.

I have recently purchased a 600w corsair psu and a hd 7850 gpu. I believe both will suffice for some time. (crossing my fingers)

So for the new build minus psu and gpu:

i5-4670K 3.4GHz LGA 1150 Processor
ASRock Z87-Extreme4 ATX LGA 1150 Motherboard
-Bundled through microcenter for 275$

My biggest question here should i spend an extra 10$ to get the Z87-Extreme6 ?
Biggest difference my untrained eye sees is dual ethernet and 2 more SATA controllers? Honestly i don't know what either of those really mean with regards to performance...

HDD: Ive narrowed it down to 2 and need some help in deciding.
Both are WD, 7200rpm, 1TB, 64mb cache, SATA, 3.5"...
Its blue for 60$ or black for 80$, looks like the black will use slightly less power and run a tad cooler? Black comes with 5 year warranty while the blue is only 2....
Is 20$ worth the warranty alone ?

Looking to get 8GB sticks of RAM, ddr3-1600. Do i need to buy 2? or can i just get one for now?
I want to be able to easily upgrade to 32GB so im not interested in anything less than 8GB per stick.
Looking at either Crucial (80$) or Corsair (90$)
Crucial has aluminum heat spreader while Corsair has a vengeance heat spreader.
Cruicial latency is 8-8-8-24 while Corsiar is 10-10-10-27

For the case im entirely clueless, but probably need a midtower and looking around 80$

Win7 will put me back another 100$, leaving the total build cost at around 650$.

Any thoughts, answers will be much appreciated.
Not only my first build but my first toms post !!!

Cherry poppn time forsure!

Edit: I live close to a microcenter, and i much prefer physically going to the store and picking up the im not too interested in ording online from anywhere else (couldnt take the mail wait anyhow lol)
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    I don't personally have any opinions on the motherboard, but here is another thread that compares the two, perhaps it will help:

    For the HDD, I'd recommend this toshiba instead.

    It's the same price as the black with twice the storage and I believe it's slightly more reliable. You can't really go wrong with any reputable hdd brand though. I'd only get 8gb of ram if you're just gaming, but if you're doing video editing and stuff like that, you'll want 16. I'd get corsair vengeance pro, there's an 1866mhz version with a latency of 9. A good case is the Fractal arc midi r2; it's a simple, solid mid tower case.
  2. Looks to be a great deal on the mb/cpu combo. Performance wise, you won't see any difference.
    For your storage, get the biggest you can afford. 1tb is a little small these days, I would put the 20 dollars towards a 2 or even 3tb drive.$

    Memory, you want to pair up for dual channel, again buy as much as you can afford now, and upgrade later.

    The case is up to you.......NZXT or Corsair are my favorites. Good luck on your build.
  3. Thanks guys I appreciate the tips.
    Final build:
    I5 4670k
    Asrock z87m extreme4
    Corsair vengeance pro 8GB ram
    WD black 1TB hdd
    Corsair 300r case (absolutely love it, great value for just 75$)

    Final build cost (minus gpu, psu and opticall) =660$ after tax

    Psu: Corsair 600m
    Gpu: hd7850

    Took my time putting this together as it was my first build. Got everything to work first try!
  4. Question: Is it ok to connect psu to hdd and optical via the same cable? It works but should I get a second cable or does it matter?
  5. Derek06 said:
    Question: Is it ok to connect psu to hdd and optical via the same cable? It works but should I get a second cable or does it matter?

    If it's working, that means your PSU can handle it, so there's no need to fix what isn't broken.
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