Question about corsair carbide series 500R

I was wondering if there was a better case then
is it going be over kill to have 10 fans running in one case or should i go with some thing else that has good airflow with some 200m fan spots?
for the price right now its -$30 dollars on new egg hoping it stays that way tell I Get payed this week.
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  1. That's a very high-quality case. If I had the money, I would buy it.
  2. ya i plan on buying it Thursday or the sickleflow fans worth the 8.99 or they to noisy ?
  3. Hi joec_10
    That is a good price and a good case , hard to go wrong there
  4. The Corsair 500R comes with good enough fans and enough of them to keep your components cool. You shouldn't need any aftermarket fans.
  5. look into the bitfenix spectre pro fans they push a large cfm and are quality fans and quiet
    if you want better fans but the ones in your case are ok
  6. thanks Do the cases come with a Manual so I know how to put back in my Micro mother board in the case or will i have to guess at that ?
  7. Yes, they come with a manual for everything you need to know.
  8. sweet thanks ill take a look at those other fans too
  9. you will not have to guess , simply put your i/o shield plate in and on the tray where your motherboard goes will be a chart printed into the tray showing for micro atx where to install your motherboard standoffs , as techCIDLC said it should cover this in your manual
  10. Best answer
    you are most welcome , hope it all goes well for you ,all the best
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