worth upgrading at this point?

It's time to build my 10 year old his own computer. Should I upgrade my parts and give him mine (what I intended to do) or just build him a budget gaming rig from scratch?

I built my last rig when the 2600K was released. It currently has 8g of ram, radeon 6850 and samsung pro SSD along with a host of platter drives in raid. This machine is not used for gaming much anymore. Mostly photoshop and office type applications. I do think that regardless of what I do, I'm going to move up to 16g ram as my swap file gets bogged down quite a bit due to multiple photo applications open at once.

I used to be a hardware junkie, but my business has taken off and I have little no no time to game or keep up with hardware like I used to. But I would like to game again in the future from time to time

Normally, I upgrade my machine every few years and use the old cpu/video/ram to build a nice machine for someone. It's time to do that for my son but from what I'm seeing, even though this build is several years old now - it just doesn't look like I would get much from upgrading. Am I wrong?

Should I just add some ram and build a budget game rig for my son? Is there a video card in the 200.00 range that offers substantial improvement for me?

Thanks for the input!
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    That is still a pretty solid gaming rig. IMO, I would give this computer to your son, and build yourself a new one.

    GPU, I would upgrade to an AMD R9 270, it runs between 180 to 210.
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