i5 gaming rig. Looking for help with power supply, efficiency/dollar value of build, and questions on multimonitor setup

Hello Tom's Community,

I have been bringing myself back into the loop of the personal systems components for the last several days. Looking to build a system that will be used for 1) gaming on main monitor at 1980x1020 2) will have 2, or 3 (question below), monitors running in extended desktop mode and 3) will be used as a VSA/home cloud type back up appliance for the other 5-8 devices currently established on my home network.

This is my build currently, minus the power supply. Overclocking is not something I intend to do, but the 4670k is quite on sale as of today, looked at the 3350p previously. Would like to stay Haswell for the 4-8% stock gains over Ivy Bridge. parkpicker is showing this system at 350ish watts, though the power consumption of systems is something that eludes me. Trying to keep this system under $1100, but currently standing at $1000 w/o the PSU.

Couple note and questions:
Parts that I already have - 1TB Hitachi HD, DVD-RW optical drive, 2/3 monitors, windors 7 all verisons

Q1 - I will soon have three samsung monitors that are 1980x1020 res. In my old system I am upgrading from I have an AMD Radeon HD 5700 series card. To run three monitors on my new build, would it be possible to do this via the MSI card listed to run 2 monitors (2 outputs, most possible far as I understand) and the onboard graphics of the processor to run the third monitor?? If not could I install this old Radeon to run the third without driver issues? Could I do both and run 4 monitors....??
Q2 - Any rule of thumb for choosing the PSU? Definitely want something reliable.
Q3 - Went with the MSI GD65 vs the MSI G45 board. Not sure if the extra bells and whistles are worth the extra $30-$40. I do like there being more SATA hookups as I may soon have tons of HDs in this system.
Q4 - Are there better GPU's out there for the price? Honestly I studied several reviews on Tom's when making this decision on a card. Would like to have 4 GB DDR5 on there but if its overkill will stick with 2 GB.
Q5 - Is 16GB RAM overkill?

Will sit back and start with this for comments and help. Any input is welcome, thanks Toms Community.
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  1. Also, I will be sticking with that Thermaltake case in the partpickers build. Love it, comes with 4 fans ready to roll.
  2. bumping this guys, really looking for some solid input here.
  3. Here are parts listed from the picker build above

    Intel Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor $209.99 FREE $209.99 Newegg Buy

    MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming ATX LGA1150 Motherboard $182.99 -$20.00 FREE $162.99 Newegg Buy
    $20.00 mail-in rebate

    G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1600 Memory $139.99 -$13.99 FREE $126.00 Newegg Buy
    + 10% off w/ promo code EMCPFHH35, ends 4/28

    Samsung 840 Pro Series 128GB 2.5" Solid State Disk $139.99 FREE $139.99 Adorama Buy
    Video Card

    MSI GeForce GTX 760 2GB TWIN FROZR Video Card $249.99 -$10.00 FREE $239.99 Newegg Buy
    $10.00 mail-in rebate

    Thermaltake Core V71 ATX Full Tower Case $124.34 FREE $124.34 NCIX US Buy
    Base Total: $1047.29
    Promo Discounts: -$13.99
    Mail-in Rebates: -$30.00
    Total: $1003.30
  4. Best answer
    IF you want a cheap yet good power supply,
    XFX 550 Bronze:
    Other options:
    XFX XTR 650 or 550w version Gold
    Seasonic G650 or 550w version Gold
    For ability to SLI:
    AX760 Platinum
    XFX 750W Bronze
    XFX750W Black Edition Gold

    The 4GB 760 may help with the 3 monitors setup but i would advise you to get a higher card like GTX 770 or R9 280X.
    For purely gaming 16GB ram is overkill. 8Gb is fine.
  5. Thank you for the suggestions on the PSUs and answers to the GPU/Multimonitor/RAM questions.

    Are there any particular models of the R9 280x's that stand above the rest? the price range from 3GB-6GB cards varies drastically and all seem to have decent reviews.

    Also, would I be able to run 4 monitors at 1980x1020 res potentially here?
  6. I have asus r9 280x and have artifavts issues, many r9 280x users of all brands have this issua. Mine is small, i rarelly get artifacts. Some people say its vram overheating, other say is bios, other say is drivers, other say amd is crap xD
    But u cant go wrong with any, u can have unluck and get Artifacts, or u can get no artifacts
    The card is amazing, i recommend it! 4 monitors is a little bit, and r9 280x 6gb isnt worth it, as its memory bandwith aint enough for 6gb. Get away from msi, loud fan, toxic is the fastest but hottest and consumes more power, the asus is the quietest and cooler, gigabyte is also good.
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