Two Graphics cards one for gaming one for rendering, possible? How?

Hey I am looking to build a new gaming rig here shortly and am looking to also render videos. Nothing crazy the specifics don't really matter I just need to know the basics of how it would work
Am I able to use a GTX card for gaming (monitor plugged into this one)
and have a quadro to render videos.
would i need a monitor plugged into each? would i need some way of SLI (i dont think gtx and quadro can sli together) how would i be able to do this?

gaming computer + render videos
GTX card for gaming + QUADRO card for rendering
Do i need monitors in both? is there something i need to do to specify which card should do the rendering or will the computer just use what it can?

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    in short; you can run the two cards separately, best to have two screens, one for one card, one for the other, otherwise it becomes quite complicated and doesn't work well.

    GTX and Quadro cannot SLI together, for reference.

    Hope this helps, if you have any other questions, just ask and we'll gladly help.
  2. Alright so if I open say adobe premiere do I just need it to use it on the monitor that is connected to the quadro?
  3. yes, and your GTX card should go to another screen.
  4. Well other than having a GTX and a quadro would there be a better way to get good gaming AND good rendering for videos, 3d modelling? the cards I would LIKE to get are a GTX 780 (possibly 2 SLI) and a Quadro 4000. I would also like to have 3 monitors so having one monitor for each card would be fine. Still is it worth it? is there a better way?
  5. that is still a good way of doing this, you can do sli with GTX 780's and have them running on one screen, though they'll never be pushed, getting two screens for SLI GTX 780 is much better.
  6. what is "pushed"?
  7. the cards will never go to a high usage, a two GTX 780's for one screen (depending on the resolution) will be overkill.
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