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Hey there everyone, so I have had this Windows 8 asus computer for about a year now, never had any big problems with it, I was on steam, I started dark souls, it started normally, then all of a sudden, the screen turned tealish and the speakers were making a screeching noise. The computer crashed

Now when it starts, displays the asus screen (where you can press f8 to go to bios) when I don't press f8, it brings me to the bios screen anyways, it will not start Windows up at all. I am not able to select C: drive from the bios

I was able to get a Windows 8 install onto a usb and it won't let me use any of the repair or install options on the disk, but when It asks me to find a recovery image, I am able to see all the files on my C: drive, I tried running chkdsk, and it didn't help either

If you have any ideas or suggestions, or maybe even know exactly what's wrong, please post, thanks in advance
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    When you get in to advanced startup options, you should be able to get to startup repair which will attempt to automatically fix boot errors. Or, you can get that from the Windows 8 installation disk too.
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