How much should you spend on a graphics card to get more fps and better graphics than a console?

Is a gtx 660 good? It's $200
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    It really depends on your budget and preference.

    Other gamers would like to go for high-end cards to play most of the new games on a stable 60FPS in ULTRA while others would rather have the game be playable in Medium to High with 40-50FPS.

    For my opinion, spending more on a graphics card (only if you have a processor that won't bottleneck) is the important thing you need to have on upgrading your computer to play high-end games.

    If you can get a GTX780 / 780 Ti, then go for it as it will last a long time before you upgrade to a new GPU. But if you're in a budget getting an R9 270X or GTX750 Ti is also a great option, it can run games in mostly high settings for the new games.
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