The requirements of call of duty ghosts are bogus?

As we all know they stated 6gb ram as minimum in order to run the game but everybody who played the game said it doesn't even uses more then 2gb ram so why put at least 6gb ram as a restriction to run the game ? & so let me guess the Gpu requirements of the game is a lie as well? & I know theres a ram fix patch out there to make it run on 4gb , I heard a rumor they did cause they wanted people to believe that its visuals are gonna be comparable to battlefield 4's
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    Not all games pull memory for the same reasons, the minimum requirement is for a comfortable game experience. Some games are not fully optimized and efficient, and hog resources. I wouldn't attempt anything that the game's developers haven't approved, it may compromise your system or corrupt the game.
  2. Why would they state a gtx 780 for this game when it's graphics look like cod 4's even on high settings
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