Why tom's hardware says 150W power consumption maximum for video card and others 270W?

Hello, guys

I'm searching around for a video card and when I look about the power consumption, specifically for the r9 270 but even for others, some reviewers say it goes up to 150W, some up to 270W at load. Tom's hardware benchmarks for example says maximum is 151W,3616.html

Others say almost 270 W.

What's the difference between the measurements? Is it a different kind of Wat or anything else I'm missing? And which one should I take into account for my 550W PSU, with an Asus P8z77-vl x MB, 17-3770 CPU, 8 GB RAm, 1 Green Sata and 1 SSD?

Thanks in advance
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    Anandtech reports the consumption of the entire system, not just the GPU. Tom's reports only what the GPU uses.

    The R9 270 will work with your system.
  2. Thank you very much, guys. I appreciate your help
  3. Toms is measuring just the power draw of the card, the Anandtech review gives total power draw (card plus CPU, HDD. fans, memory, motherboard).
    If it's a good powersupply and you're not overclocking heavily a 550Watt unit will b plenty.
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