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The first computer I ever built I used the a10 6800k. I didn't get near the results I was looking for maybe I expected to much. But I have since stuck with dedicated graphics cards. Now that I have my new system built I want to sell the a10 6800k. I was just wondering is there anywhere else I could go besides Craigslist or eBay.
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  1. What are the specs of your new system? Maybe you can sell it in person? Or maybe return it for a refund if you haven't had it that long?
  2. My computer now has a fx 8320 and a gtx 750 ti but I just want to sell the a10 6800k by it self. Now many ads on Craigslist for computer related products
  3. What country are you in? Australia has a good self-selling site called Gumtree.
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    You can also try Tomshardware Classifieds.
  5. Thanks nuclear101 I didn't even know Tom's hardware had classifieds. But do think 80$ is reasonable. I just want to get rid of it asap
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