No monitor and need to switch display to VGA (so my TV can be used as monitor)

Processor makeIntel
CPU familyCore2 Duo
CPU model6700
Processor speed2.66 GHz
Number of CPUs1
Number of cores (per CPU)Dual-core
Cache size6 MB L2 cache
3 MB L3 cache
Graphics adapterIntegrated
Graphics (integrated)NVIDIA (GeForce)
GPU model8800GT
Clock speed600 MHz
Video RAM512 MB
Memory typeDedicated
Video outputsDVI (HDCP, 2 ports), S-Video

I hope someone can help - I've been given a Dell computer but haven't got a screen. Have got a keyboard and mouse. I've tried plugging in to my Alba TV using a VGA cable. I've managed to get the display to show once on the screen but now, no matter in what I order I turn on and off the monitor and PC, and no matter how many times I recheck the VGA cable, it doesn't work. Any ideas? I've wondered about trying to operate the BIOS blind if anybody knows the keystrokes.
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    What type of graphics output ports are there on the pc? -hdmi, displayport, vga, dvi-i, dvi-d? have a look at the manual.

    You know the 8800gt will hardly drive any sort of monitor? Your tv is most likely going to be 1080p. The 8800 is back from the days when 720p (Standard Definition) was a big deal
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