Intel Pentium Dual Core E6600 3.06Ghz

i just wanna ask if my idle temp at 55C is fine?..

a friend of mine gave me a bundle of Motherboard and Processor

it was a Emaxx EMX-IG41D3-iCafe and Intel Pentium Dual Core E6600 3.06Ghz

i have tried installing a HWMonitor and i found out that my IDLE temperature in Core 0 and Core 1

is the same at it fine for a Dual Core E6600 to be this hot?..the heat sink fan i am using

is a slim type stock heat sink fan..aluminum bottom only..THANKS in advance!!!

o before i forgot the stock fan is brand new and i know i have pin every lock perfectly..even change the Thermal Paste with new one..THANKS!...
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  1. For idle, that is way to warm. A 65W dual core like that should idle in the mid-upper 30Cs. Is that the heat sink/fan that originally came with the computer?
    Since you already changed the thermal paste, I'd suggest replacing the cooler.
    You could also check in the BIOS to see if the CPU fan speed has been reduced for some reason. Although at idle, I doubt that would cause those high temps.
  2. thanks for the reply sir...

    regarding to the question..i bought the stock HSF separately since my friend only gave me a bare motherboard and bare HSF included...

    yes maybe replacing with a after market HSF will be my best choice..maybe the slim type Stock HSF of Intel cant support the processor heat..

    i was wondering sir..any idea maybe at what degrees should a Dual Core E6600 3.06Ghz at IDLE?..30C to 35C?...

    THANKS again!...
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    Idle temp: see my statement above.
    Max temp: ~74C

    Be sure you are not applying too much TIM. All that is required is a small dab in the center of the CPU's heat shield. About half the size of a pencil eraser. When the cooler compresses it and the CPU heats up, it will spread out into a thin film. All you are trying to do with the TIM is to fill in the microscopic pores of the metal surfaces so that there is no air pockets to reduce thermal transfer. Too much TIM will retard thermal conductivity.
  4. thanks for the answer sir!! :)

    i did replace my slim stock heat sink fan of intel to

    DeepCool Gammaxx 500 and now i got an IDLE temp of 38C to 40C

    i think this temp was already my lowest temp at E6600 Dual Core..

    thanks again :)
  5. Now that the temp is normal at idle, see how warm it gets when under heavy load. Run Prime95 and watch the temps. If it gets above 74C for more than just a few spikes, you may need some better air flow.
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