Is this system build suitable for gaming?

I built a new system and want to know if it will be ok and not explode or something. I'm a first time builder, built this yesterday. Will it be ok for gaming?

Sharkoon t9 case (3 fans)
Windows 7 home premium 64
AMD FX 8 core black edition CPU
Nvidia GeForce GT630 GPU
Asus M5 A97 LE R2.0 motherboard
HyperX DDR3 1333mhz 8GIG RAM
250GIG Hitachi HDD
500w PSU

It's been running fine for a good 12+ Hours and all the temps have been steady. Is 500w enough for this build? Is there something I've crucially missed? Thanks to anyone who replies.

Regards, Nick
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  1. Show it to us.
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    For gaming? Get a real graphics card. The GTX 760 should be a good one for your processor. And what brand is your power supply? 500W is fine, but you'll want to change it, depending on it's brand.

    GTX 760

    Good 550W PSU
  3. If you made it out of dynamite be careful, it could blow up any second. If you made it out of PC parts , that are compatible with each other. Then it should be fine. (Hint, you could show the PC to us :) )
  4. The build seems good, could you specify which PSU you have? Just to make sure you aren't running a dodgy PSU that could blow up.
    As for gaming don't expect to much at 1080p or 720p really, the GT 630 isn't exactly a gaming card. It'll enough to play some older games or lesser demanding games. Like League of Legends.
    Also on that motherboard you won't be able to overclock the FX that much (if not at all)

    Edit:The suggestions that TechCIDLC made are great.
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