How much could I overclock 8gb's of 1600Mhz RAM?

I was just told that any RAM above 1600Mhz is just a 1600Mhz pre-OC'd stick for the buyer. If this is true, then how much could I OC a stick of 1600Mhz RAM with it having the same speeds as a pre-OC'd stick of RAM? My motherboard supports RAM up to 2133Mhz, so would I be able to OC the 1600Mhz stick up to that speed? Also, I was about to buy the Ripjaws X series 8gb 1866Mhz RAM, and I'm basically asking if I were to buy the 1600Mhz stick, would it be as good as the ripjaws when I OC it to 1866Mhz?
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    Depends on the sticks you have....i.e. with Ripjaws X the model # gives you a hint, the last letter of the model will be a 'L', 'M', or 'H' which respectfully stand for Low, Medium or High, which is an indication of OC potential, with most other sticks, your best bet is to look at the CL....With 1600 a CL of 7 will give the best OC potential, the 8, then 9 (and 9 on 1600 is basically entry level, so looking at 10 or 11 will more often than not just provide little to no increase)...

    FOR easy thinking on OCing take your base stick up a step in freq and base timings i.e. take 1600 8-8-8-24 up to 1866 9-9-9-26 or so and often needs about + 0.05 added to DRAM voltage....if the sticks won't run at the 1866/9 then the additional changes needed prob won't give you much of any return performance wise
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