Looking for the best video card $150 can buy

I'm building a pc this summer and I want to make sure I get the best possible performance for the money. I have $650 to spend and here is my current build. I want to get opinions on the best video card for gaming for $150.

I'd also like any other opinions on parts to change.

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  1. If you can push $30 more on the graphics card, you can get the R9 270, which is the best card for the price, nothing else is really worth the jump in the $150 range.
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    This card should perform on the same level as an R9 270 and is currently much much cheaper than other current models.

    EDIT: I made some changes to your original build. The card I mentioned will easily outperform a GTX 750 Ti as that card is to compete with an R7 260(x). I also swapped the RAM for a DDR3-1600 version so you will get slightly faster performance.
  3. the link doesn't work
  4. Oh sorry I accidentally put in the GPU link :p

    Anyways, swap the RAM for an equivalently priced DDR3-1600 kit and look at some of the lower priced R7 265's.
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