second harddrive= slow steam downloads? help needed

first off, im not as good with computers as id like to be and i apologise if this is in the wrong section.

Recently I added a 2Tb hard drive to my pc for all my steam library as my first 160gb hard drive is getting full. so I formatted my new hard drive (NTFS) and created a new directory for my steam games to download to on the 2Tb hard drive, usually I get around 5Mbps when downloading.

yesterday I decided to download half-life and it took well over 2 hours to download on the new 2tb hard drive whereas when I downloaded it on the old 160gb hard drive it took under 10 mins.
could this be something I missed whilst setting up the hard drive? or simply a fault with the hard drive?

also, i couldn't find the specs for my 160gb hard drive.

HDD specs:
-seagate ST200DMD01
-7200 RPM

TLDR- first Hard drive downloads steam games nice and quickly ( >10 minutes for half-life ), second 2 TB hard drive is virtually unusable ( half-life took 2 hours).

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  1. Check to see if your internet speed has gone low:
    Internet download speed has no relation with hard drive. Go to and see if matches up with the Steam download speed.

    Check to see if the file write speed has become slow:
    Copy a significantly big file from the fast hard drive to the new hard drive and vice versa and watch the speed.

    so I did a speedtest, im getting speeds whilst downloading ranging from 0 bytes- 950kbps on steam

    i sent half-life 2 from my fast hard drive to the slower new one and it went in under 2 mins, its been close to 5 mins so far and its not over 50% done sending it back onto the slow hard drive.

    EDIT: as a test, i tried downloading Tomb raider (9.1 gb) onto my slow new 2 TB hard drive and its crawling at 0bytes - 650 kbps roughly, i cancelled and switched to my usually 160 gb hard drive and its downloading at 4.4mbps/ peaked at 5.7mbps

    could this be a hard drive problem rather than internet/steam?
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