i have a wd essential external harddrive need to get a new one should I stay with same brand

I am replacing my external hard drive I purchased a Toshiba 500GB is this a good brand. Should I stay with WD essential can anyone tell me which brand has better options
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    My own experience: Bought a Toshiba portable 3 years ago - - it failed within 6 months.

    Then bought a WD My Passport, no problems with it at all, still working after more than 2 years.

    Now, some people will no doubt have had the opposite experience as all makes of drive can have bad batches leaving the factory. But I can only speak from my experience, not someone else's.
  2. WD are better than Toshiba I would definitely always pick WD, the Toshiba will work but from performance, reliability and customer service I would pick WD.
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