ASUS R9 280X artifacting!

So guys, it happens almost never, but sometimes it appears. In games only appeared when playing bioshock infinite, vertical white lines, at chrome it appear some times horizontal white/black lines or square with pixels black and white. Ho in bf already hapenned either, the square with black and white pixels.
Im with stock, already tried to downclock and overclock memory, it got worst in bioshock, constantly black triangles.
I know this artifact problemm isnt good, but can it make my graphics card slower? im getting excellent results with her at 3dmark and games! Only this rare problemm. I have a 550w xfx psu. Probably will go to store and ask them to switch for a 650w xfx psu, should i ask for a new r9 280x either? No i wont switch for a gtx770, no money for that, so, what you guys recommend?
By the way, i can also switch for the gigabyte version of the 280x, is it good? Cause im loving asus cooling and noise (65C max at gaming with fan at 31%)
Thanks in advance! :)

edit: I can run OCCT without errors for 20 mins at stock, 3dmark no artifacts.
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  1. Any one?
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    Everyone owning an ASUS DCII TOP has artifacts... No one has a solution (drivers; bios; OS; downclocking). I was in the same boat and swapped the ASUS for a Powercolor R9280X TurboDuo.

    No problems whatsoever with 14 hours of gaming - Simcity; BF4 and Call of Juarez :)

    Upgrading your PSU won´t solve artifacts.

    Gigabyte could be a good alternative. I didn´t see any artifacts video on Youtube regarding that maker (mostly there are reports for ASUS and Sapphire). Check the card specs, usually it´s exagerated factory OC that produces artis (I think factory OC clocks above 1050 Mhz for GPU and 1550*4=6200 Mhz for memory start to be risky). I checked the Gigabyte page and there are 2 R9280X cards that ramp to 1000 Mhz - these should be artifact free: GV-R928XWF3-3GD (rev. 2.0); GV-R928XWF3-3GD (rev. 1.0)
  3. Well i sent my card for RMA 3 days ago, but i heard ASUS rma isnt the best so i cant expect much. In 2-4 weeks ill have my gpu, and if it has artifacs i will buy a GTX 770 4GB or a gigabyte r9 280x! But actually all r9 280x brands have artifacts problems, and no, not everyone owning an ASUS DCII TOP has artifacts. Thanks for your help and opinion :)
  4. Hey, I have MSI version of the card with the same issue and was able to resolve it. My Fix might work for you. Inside the GPU box I found a scrap of paper that showed a small physical switch on the the bottom of the card that toggles between "hybrid" bios and Legacy bios. The hybrid bios, which is on by default for some reason, is supposed to help improve wake times from hibernation and reboot. I found my switch on the underside near the very front (closes to the display ports) and toggled it to Legacy. That solved all of my artifact and frame rate issues.
  5. Hey guys, just to say that i already have my gpu and it's not giving me any problemms :) i guess i got luck this time haha
    Thanks for all !
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