What is a Hard Drive Acceleration Cache?

I'm really bad with tech terms, and I really have ABSOLUTELY no idea what the difference between a normal SSD and a hybrid SSD.

Also, I'm buying a computer with a 1tb hard drive, and a 8 gig ssd. There's also an option to get one without the ssd. What's the difference?
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  1. A hybrid SSDD is a regular hard drive, with a small SSD attached. IN this cse, 8GB.
    In use, the SSD portion learns what you use the most, and stores that stuff. Use those files, and it is faster. Other files on the drive still run at the same HDD speed.

    This is an interim technology.
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    The fastest storage available is an SSD boot drive. That would be an SSD large enough for Windows and all programs with Windows installed on it. A hybrid solution is meant to mitigate the high cost of SSDs until they drop in price enough to enter the mainstream. This can either be an integrated solution (sold as a hybrid drive in one unit) or as two separate drives used as a hybrid drive. Either way, the basic operation is the same. The bigger HDD is used as the primary storage while a driver (in the case of separate drives) or the HDD controller itself (in the case of an integrated hybrid drive) backs up the most commonly used files on the smaller SSD cache for faster access. The system will take files available on the cache portion first, which speeds up the most common programs and tasks while the rest remain on the HDD.
  3. Thank you guys for clearing up the situation!
    I've always wondered for awhile and no one has really explained it to me in simple enough terms
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