I have 64 bit system and windows 8.1, I try to load a program and it askes for WinTab32.dll. Can I safely install this??

Can I run wintab32.dll on 64 bit Win8.1
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    What program, specifically?
  2. WinTab is actually Windows Tablet where it needs to try and load touchscreen / pen use on it
  3. found this is for a wacom tablet see this
  4. Program is WinEx Grade by RocTek
  5. If that application asks to install that .dll, it is almost certainly OK.
    It being 32bit does not not matter
  6. Based on the description this seems to be a application that can benefit from the use of a Pen or Touchscreen, so it is trying to install those 'drivers' for those devices EVEN IF NOT INSTALLED (aka you have no Pen/Touchscreen hardware).
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