My GTX 650 TI is having the performance of a GTS 250 or even lower, please help

Now that I fixed my cpu being underclocked it used to be at 1.90 ghz, it's a E7500 dual core, it's now running at 3.72 ghz, normal speed is 2.93 ghz, temps are about 48-50 and CPU usage while playing just cause 2 for example is circa 50-54% max.
Taking just cause 2 for an example it doesn't matter much the resolution, at 640x480 I get like 40-45 fps, on 1680x900 I get 20-30 fps at max.
even worse at 1920x1080.
This is clearly not a bottleneck as both my GPU and CPU grab the minimum and recommended specs and ravage the hell out of them.
I also have 6 GB Ram.
Funnily enough im able to play Skyrim with HD textures and ENB pretty smoothly (doesn't drop under 30 fps)
This also happens on games like Black ops 2.
Im at a loss in what the problem is.
Help would be appreciated, thx.
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  1. I must admit this is a very strange problem. Give us more information about your hardware. Tell me which motherboard you have, which slot the GPU is in. Tell me you have the current INF, SATA storage drivers, and GPU drivers running. Also, tell me you have the monitor cable plugged into the video card and not the onboard video (sorry, we get some really crazy people around here...have to ask).

    It could very well be the card. It could also be the power supply. I would download hardware monitor and run it in the background. When you exit the game, take screenshots of the voltages and the temperatures for everything and post them here. That will help us a lot.
  2. Indeed, you pointed out a few info I forgot to mention.
    My motherboard is a P5n32 E-SLI, my PSU is a LC Power 450 W (I am not aware of the model, im sorry), my HDD is SATA 2.5 Samsung 160 GB 7200 RPM. all the drivers are updated aswell as the bios, yes in fact the HDMI monitor cable is plugged in the GPU.
    Something incredibly weird I just noticed is that on MSI afterburner it reports the GPU being used at around 95-98% and my CPU is 50% used, I find it hard to believe my CPU is being bottlenecked by my GPU.
    This is quite weird indeed.
  3. Welp guys, turns out 32x CSAA isn't very recommended on a GTX 650 ti, other than that apparently imgetting normal fps (45-55 on jungle and mountains and 40-25 on cities)
    Ironically im getting bottlenecked not by my cpu but by my gpu.
    Anyway thanks guys.
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    Let me be blunt. You have a GTX 650 Ti and you need to adjust your expectations. That card is older and not especially powerful by today's standards. It can probably run older, less demanding games at full settings, but with any recent game, you will need to throttle back considerably. I wouldn't use any antialiasing at all with that card in a newer game like Black Ops 2, or use very little. Antialiasing requires huge amounts of processing power. Even my setup, which is much more powerful than yours, can be slowed very easily by applying too much antialiasing in an already very demanding game.

    I find it interesting that you think of you CPU as being "bottlenecked" by your GPU. In my opinion your setup is correctly constructed if your CPU is running at low loads and your GPU is running at high loads. The GPU should be the bottleneck in any properly built gaming machine, even one with a GTX 780 Ti, because of the nature of the importance of graphics to gaming. You design the rest of your system to be able to fully use your graphics card at all times because it is the most expensive individual component and it has the most work to do (in case you haven't noticed, many modern GPU's easily draw more power than an entire CPU!).
  5. I am aware that my GPU is already 1 generation older, although I do have the funds to upgrade it, I find it better to just replace my centuries old CPU, Ram and Mobo.
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