gtx 760 vs r9 270x vs hd 7870

So I'm going to build a computer in June but I won't add the GPU already mainly because of money but I will add it in the following months. The build will have an i5 4670k and a Z87-A board in a Zalman Z3 Plus case.

I will be gaming at 1920x1080 and right now on a single monitor but I might get a 2nd one.

So from what I've been looking, since I can't spend all that much on a GPU, I've narrowed it down to these 3:

-GTX 760
-R9 270X
-HD 7870

So which would be the best and which version of it would be the best bang for buck?
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  1. GTX760> 270X>= HD7870!
  2. rolli59 said:
    GTX760> 270X>= HD7870!

    However the gtx 760 is around 40€ more expensive. is that really worth it? because the benchmarks seem really alike. and if so, which version from which brand would be the best?
  3. Why did that appear as the solution? I didn't even chose it as the solution wtf. it doesn't even answer my question completely
  4. Unselected for you, we can always argue what is best for the money that was the performance order. The 270X is a great card as well and the price difference is greater than the performance difference. I would only get the 7870 if there are substantial savings over the 270 or 270X.
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    According to tech power, 270x is 10 percent better than 7870 and gtx 760 is 12 percent better than 270x. With being said, pricing is going to make things difficult. Amd 7870 costs 170 usd, r9 270x costs 200 usd , and gtx 760 costs 250 usd. Gtx 760 costs 20 percents more than 270x but only performs 12 percent better. Gtx 760 costs 32 percent more than 7870 and performs 22 percent better. 270x costs 15 percent more than 7870 and performs 10 percent better. In short, performance per dollar goes to 7870, but logical reasoning says 270x is the card to get since 5 percent more costs than performance seems like a good trade off.
  6. Ok thanks for the help guys :D
  7. Btw which brand would you go for? the MSI seems like a really good option but what do you think about this?
  8. It depends which card you are referring to. I like sapphire 7870 (which I owned), toxic 270x and gigabyte gtx 760.
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