Will GTX 750 TI be bottleneck by PCIe 16x 1.1 ?

Recently purchase a new build with a cheap asus MB. I realized after building it that the PCIe 16x was not 2.0 like a tough but it appear to be a PCIe 16x 1.1.

The build include an Nvidia GTX 750 TI and I was worried. Am I loosing a lot of performance due to the PCIe slot ?

Here is the build:
- MB Asus H81M-A
- Intel i5-4570 3.2 Ghz
- 16 Gb of ram (2 x kingston 8 Gb)
- Nvidia GTX 750 Ti
- HDD WD 1 Tb sata 6/Gbs
- Evga 500 Watt PSU

So far I tested some game with it and performance are great but im still worried a bit.

Thank you.
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  1. Any 8 series Intel mobo will have at least PCIe 2.0; no matter how cheap. Only much older boards would have support limited to 1.1

    What makes you think this board is PCIe 1.1?
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    no its fine. The card is backward compatible and it wont make a difference.
  3. Thank you for quick reply.

    The spec on the asus website ( do not mention PCie 3.0 and after some search and the web, some people had mentionned it has a PCIe 1.1.

    I was worried so thats why I decided to post here to have some answers.

    I think I can use GPU-Z to check if it actually running at PCIe 2.0. That what I should do when I will be at home later.

    Anyway I'll post back here after looking with GPU-Z.

    If it is an PCIe 2.0, than I am not worried since the loss from PCIe 2.0 VS PCIe 3.0 look almost insignifiant.

    Again, thank you.
  4. Thank you all. Not worried anymore. Like SchizTech said, the 16x PCIe Express port on the H81M-A motherboard is in fact 2.0. I made the check up with GPU-Z.

    Looks like the card GTX 750 will run at his potential with this build.

    Thanks you again all.
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