How would you know if you need a new graphics card?

Do you just wait until you can't run any more games? Wait for it to have a black screen to show up? XD
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  1. What graphics card do you have? As games come out, you will see a notable difference in trying to run them on ultra and the games you know you can run on ultra. Gradually you will have to lower your graphics settings game by game until your graphics card can't handle minimum settings. Then you should get a new graphics card
  2. No I meant ultra. Definitely soemthing like 5-7 years on high, then medium, then low. But like I said, the 780 or the 880 haven't been out for 3+ years so there is no data. We'll all be looking back when we could run BF6 on low on the titan black
  3. Gtx 750ti 2gb gddr5
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    Well, it's not old, but you should upgrade it when the gtx 880 comes out. That'll last you at least 3 years or more. I just don't know how long my two 780tis are going to hold
  5. 5-7 years on high? Nice! This will last me a long time of gaming, thank you.
  6. 3 years, even at low setting and low resolution?
  7. Your welcome. If my answer helped you then select the "pick as the solution" under my answer
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