!!!my graphics cards in crossfire are almost touching!!1

so this was my first build and kept it pretty low cost,
mobo: biostar ta970
gpu: 2 asus radeon r7 260x oc in crossfire

i started out with one and got another one from a friend and saw they were capable of crossfire, the only problem is my two pci express slots are so close it puts them only centimeters apart so im worries not only about static but they get extremely hot.i was wondering if i could just use a pci express extension adapter on one to try to separate them.
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  1. You'll be fine as the mobo & cards were designed for that. just make sure you have decent ventilation.
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    You can run crossfire with a centimeter and what do you consider hot? I doubt you will ever have a problem with static, you will most likely have a static problem by touching them whilst not earthed. They are designed and made to work close together as long as you have air flow you will be fine.
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