AMD new Catalyst Driver 14.4 makes my computer get stuck at the "Starting Windows..." screen after reboot

It's annoying as all hell. I'm so frustrated......why can't things just freaking work -.- I have 0 clue of what to do or why this is happening....any help will make me very grateful....

Everytime I have Windows so a safe repair, I am able to get past the screens normally and log-in and use the computer, but 14.4 is uninstalled by the repair.....
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  1. did you driversweep?
  2. wh3resmycar said:
    did you driversweep?

    No. What exactly will this do?
  3. it will clean out the drivers i had nothing but problems with 14.4 it did not like my crossfire
  4. download driversweeper (google it). run it in safe mode just to be sure that residual files from the previous installation will be deleted
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    To get rid of drivers totally use the next,
    from what i've read isn't driver sweeper recommended anymore,kinda outdated.

    If 14.4 gives problems just use the previous version.
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