Does the processor affect what graphics card you should get?

I thought only the power supply did. You just plug in the card and it works and is powered by the power supply. If the processor does affect it, then will a gtx 750ti (the card I want to upgrade to) work with Intel i5 2400 with a 300 watt power supply? (The card has low consumption; 60 watts)
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    You dont need a certain processor for the card to work although it can bottleneck, in your case you will be fine, the 750ti and i5 2400 is a fine combo but for instance if you had a powerful processor like 4770 but using a low end GPU say for heavy gaming then you will have a bottleneck.

    Here is a good video about bottle necking, in your case you're fine and hte 750ti is a good card and you will not bottleneck.
  2. Well as covered above CPU bottleneck can prevent a GPU to run at its full potential but your CPU the I5 2400 can handle even the fastest cards. GTX750Ti should run fine in a system with a modern 300watt PSU so you should be good to go.
  3. Yes the card should work assuming you have at least 300w power supply and a motherboard slot of 16x pcie. Processor is only considered when bottlenecking can occur meaning your processor will restrict you gpu performance. In your case, your processor will be more than enough for your gpu
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