USB 3.0 front panel 3.5" with media card reader issues

I am getting quite a collection of these card readers. I have a Dell T7400 with 2 X5492 processors, 128Gb PC2-5300, EVGA GTX 760 graphics, 3Tb SATA III 3.5" storage drive, and a LSI 9266-8i raid card running 8 Samsung 840 Pro SSD's in raid 10. Since this unit was pre-usb 3.0 I want to add that to my system in the front panel with a media card reader built in. I have one front panel slot left. I can use either a 3.5" or 5.25" device. I have one PCIe 8x slot wired as 4x to plug it into (all other slots are used up). I have tried media dashboard units that plug directly into the pcie slot, as well as units that have a cable that plugs into an internal usb 3.0 card port. I have found one usb 3.0 card that works well by itself, but the media readers I have tried ALL have at least one issue wrong with them. If anyone knows of one of these that really works well, or even have useful suggestions, please feel free to post it here.
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  1. Maybe list what you've tried and the problems with it
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