Best AM3+ cpu for gaming and rendering video

My specs are as follows!

-16 gb ddr3 ram @ 1600
-Radeon 7770 ( will be upgrading in the future)
-an anthlon II x4 630 at 2.8GHz
-1 TB hdd

I need to know what cpu by amd is the best fit for gaming and rendering video. If i had to choose, I am primarily using my pc for gaming. Do I need 8 cores? My cpu currently in the system is only getting .8 ghz, its on its last limb. HELP! THANKS GUYS!
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  1. Fx8320 overclocked.
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    If you want to keep using the same motherboard you will have to go to the makers webpage for it and find the cpu support list

    The FX 8 cores would be the best choice for encoding IF IT WILL RUN IN YOUR MOTHERBOARD
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