Toshiba Satellite P70 A Remove Keyboard

Can someone please explain how to remove the keyboard on the Toshiba Satellite P70 A. I saw the explanation to get to the RAM but the keyboard removal was not clear...
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  1. FredSmith said:

    Were you able to work out how to remove or replace the keyboard on Toshiba Satellite P70? I am finding it hard. Unable to locate any video or instruction.
  2. Anyone have any video or instruction for replacing keyboard on Toshiba P70-A. It has a brushed metal casing over the keyboard and no easy method.
  3. FredSmith said:

    Im Having the same issue I believe you have to open the entire bottom shell all scews ill keep everyone updated.
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  4. This may help someone eventually, but I just replaced a keyboard for a friend for a Toshiba Satellite P70-a. You have to do nearly a complete teardown of the laptop from the bottom except for the screen; that can stay attached completely. I am thinking of making a tutorial for it. I took pictures of the process. It is not necessarily difficult, just time consuming.
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