Set up dual graphics with an AMD A10-7850k apu and a Radeon HD 6450

The question is in the title. I've got an apu and i want to increase my frame rate in games so I bought a graphics card to pair it with. I've been looking around and haven't found a good tutorial on how to set up dual graphics. Help?
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  1. Don't bother. The added grunt from the a10 will be negligible.

    Look in your bios. Some can have 2 going, some just switch between the two and some just let you have one.
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    You cant use dual graphics with that apu and gpu. The Kaveri APU's will only run on dual graphics with a r7-240 or an r7-250.
  3. This is a bad idea. The igpu in the 7850k is 10x better than the 6450. You'll get no benefit from using the 6450. Send it back if you can. What kind of RAM are you using? If you really want to run dual graphics, you should get a 250x or 260x.
  4. Thanks you guys, I've actually done some research and found this page it was really helpful and I figured out that bignastyid was right when it comes to my apu being uncompatible
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