Few Questions about Gskill TridentX

Hey guys i am shopping for new pc parts these days and i have already bought a i7-4770k and a Maximus VI Hero.. I want some help selecting a memory. My first choice was vengeance pro 8GB 1600Mhz but later found out that Gskill Trident X 2400Mhz is a lot cheaper in here. This is the exact model

TridentX - F3-2400C10D-8GTX

I have few questions about this model

1. First of all is it compatible with my motherboard and cpu?

2. I don't want to run it at 2400Mhz. I am buying it because it is cheaper not because of speed. So if i run it at 1866Mhz or something will it lower down the voltage? If the answer is No, will 1.65V damage my memory controllers?

3. If i run it a 1866Mhz will it lower the timing to CL8 or something?

4. I checked the newegg prices and it seems that this 2400Mhz memory is cheaper than Vengeance pro 1600Mhz memory in there too (It is a lot cheaper here). Why is a 2400Mhz one cheaper than 1600Mhz one? :heink:

Thanks in Advance Guys..
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    Yes will work great, yes can run slower, at 1866 about 1.55 should run 1866/8 at 1.6 may run 1866/7 (which is awesome), no voltage won't have any ill effects, 1.65 is perfectly fine, and With Corsair right from the start you pay a premium for their name, GSkill has had the Trident x in 2400 going back to before May of 2012, that's when I picked up my 32GB set of 2400 sticks
  2. No worries, let me know how you like them ;)
  3. Got it (Y) going to buy it soon, Thanks again.. :)
  4. Hey i assembled my pc and set xmp on bios.. When i run prime95 few workers give a error saying hardware failure.. When i set xmp to Auto no issue with prime95.. Help please? :(
  5. When you set at XMP are you running at 2400?, if so a slight OC to the CPU may be required, try at 4GHz
  6. Oced it to 4.2ghz and ram works fine @2400mhz.. Thanks again.. :) :)
  7. No worries, glad you like 'em
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