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I recently cleaned my PC. But when I went to start it, nothing would come up on my monitor. I checked and everything seems to be plugged in. My fans work and my card runs. So it can't be the motherboard. Just thought I'd check on here for help before I spend money in case its a simple fix.
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    What graphics card do you have? In fact system specs would help.

    My first guess (sans further information) would be if it has a PCI-E power connector on the graphics card, it's come loose.
  2. I'm having the same issue. Do you have an NVIDIA card? Since the last driver mine has been screwed up.
  3. By cleaning, did you remove your hardware individually? If so, it is possible dust particle got in between your connection or static electricity killed one of your hardware.

    try resetting your bios by removing the battery for 30 sec and put it back in. sometimes the bios may mess up when removing hardware
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