how do i play audio from PC + Mac mini in 1 AUX input on speakers

I have a PC i use mostly for gaming and a Mac Mini for business/daily use and Harman Kardon Soundsticks (which only have 1 AUX input)
I need a way to play sound from both computers through the Soundsticks without going under the desk unplugging the aux cable EVERY SINGLE TIME i switch.
It has gotten seriously annoying.
I know that a cheapo headphone splitter won't cut it
Thanks for your help.
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  1. Have you tried a headphone splitter? I don't see why one wouldn't work in your case. especially if the two aren't powered on at the same time. If they are then there is a small chance you may get feed back from the other device but i'd say it's worth a shot given the price of admission.

    You could try using a KVM switch. It would require that both the mac mini and the PC share the same monitor, keyboard and mouse but the setup may work well for you.

    Or you could go with these two
    audio selector
  2. Nothing I've got uses RCA so the two amazon products wouldn't help much. Id just need more adapters.

    I have been looking at passive mixers as an option, but i don't know enough about them yet.
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