Laser Printer Won't Print Light Grey Parts

I have an HP mono laser printer

It prints good clear text but the problem is that it won't print light grey parts like shading etc.

I did a test print which prints hundred blocks of shades ranging from 00%(white) to 100%(pure black)

I noticed that shades only begin to be noticeable for the human eye from 20%. From 00-19 come out as blank spots.

I'm trying to figure out the problem:
1) The drum
2) Magnetic roller
3) Bad toner powder
4) Laser
etc etc

What could it be?
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  1. Has it always been like that? Are you running out of toner? Are you using overly expensive hp toner or eBay $10 toner?

    Bad drums mean lines on prints. Rollers leave blotches if not clean.
  2. I also have a Hp 1020 plus

    This current printer is Hp p1505n

    Both print two different quality of the same shade. 1020 is able to print the most lightest shade while 1505 prints blanks as if it see's no shade at all.
  3. Its a used printer

    I have no idea whether what kind of toner its using

    The printer leaves no smudges or anything that suggests bad quality. The text only prints are clean, dark and crisp. Only the shades seem to come out light or even blank.

    I'm not sure what it is
  4. If its old, you might consider updating it - depending how severe the problem is.
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