Is is worth upgrading from 4850 1GB to R7 260x or 750 GTX?

Hi guys, I want some frame improvements in some of the games that I play and I want also to record while I'm playing.
I currently have a Amd Athlon II 270 dual core @ 3.4 Ghz and 4 Gigs of ram with a 400W Seasonic PSU and I'm not sure if it's worth upgrading the CPU or just to get a new graphics card.
As I'm planning to play some casual games with decent graphic settings at 1280x1024 and recording at the same time, I don't want to get a 260x/750 gtx and have my Cpu as a bottleneck.
Nvidia from what I saw has a way to record games which will improve your FPS while playing, so I'm leaning for Nvidia at this point.

So what do you think, is it worth uprading the GPU or upgrade both the GPU and CPU?
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  1. Personally I think you need to upgrade both. An FX-6300 and a 750Ti ought to preform great for you for a while.
  2. Not worth it, apart from power savings.
    The 750 consumes half the power at 55W.
    Performance wise, it's not very powerful as the 4850.

    Same for 260x, but it actually consumes more power than the 4850.

    In Crysis at 1080p, the 4850 gave 21.5FPS, the 750 29.5FPS and the 260x 32.5 FPS.

    For 1280x1024, I'd say your 4850 is still good.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply guys, I wanted to make an upgrade because I want to records while playing Word of Tanks for example. I don't have the graphic settings all to "High" because I want the game to be playable and now I get about 30fps at these details and while I tried to record the FPS dropped to 12-15, so I thought that the CPU was the bottleneck at first and aimed for an Fx-6300 or at least a Fx-4300.
    Seeing the prices of these cards I thought that I will get more FPS from a new GPU rather than from a new CPU.
    What's your take on this?
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    Recording taxes the CPU more than the GPU.
    Getting a more powerful CPU should help.
  5. AFAIK Shadowplay will greatly ease the CPU load when recording your many, many kills ;) so I think you're right to consider the GTX750, I'd go for the slightly less expensive GTX750 at that rez over the GTX750Ti.
    A better CPU won't hurt either but you'll need to check with the motherboard maker to see what upgrades the current MB will support, but with a little luck you may be able to do a drop in upgrade!
  6. I upgraded my CPU with a FX-6300. Would a GTX 750 or ATI 260/260x would be better than my 4850?
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