sager NP8278 good choice?

I want to buy a new laptop ( NP8278 )
and customize it to GTX 870M 6GB
16gb ram
i7 4810mq 2.8 - 3.8 Ghz.
Does it can play any game like (Watch dogs, Crysis 3 , AC IV, BF4....)
on ultra setting?
What do you think?
any laptop that's better than the np8278 under 1450 USD will be good.
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    That'll be fantastic for your needs. It should play most of those games on ultra. I don't know about crysis 3 because that game is funky for alot of computers, so you'll have to test it out.

    Also, you need to invest in one of these so you don't accidentally fry it while gaming:
  2. 1. Do you think I should wait to a holiday for price drops? (the budget will stay the same but I hope the specs will be better at the same price).

    2. does the pc has heating problem?
  3. Well, most gaming laptops get really hot. I just tell people to buy those so you don't fry it. I don't know if the price will drop it might, depends on how bad you want it.
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