plz tell me wether the radeon r7 260x can dilever its full performance with the intel core 2duo processor

if not then which processor should i buy
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  1. my processor runs at 2.80ghz also tells me
    at what fps my games will be running
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    I suppose you could play most current games on a decent framerate (30fps). Your GPU is gonna get bottlenecked though. I've been running 7750 with C2D E6400 for about three months, then upgraded to FX-6300 and the performance boost is very significant.
  3. thanks man,i have 2gb ddr2 installed in my pc ram will that be a
    problem bcz till now 2gb ram was sufficient if not
    then how much should i upgrade
  4. i have e8400 3.0 ghz does my r7 260x works fully ?
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