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Hello! I have decided to go for a triple monitor set up for my next build. I will be running this on 770 4gb SLI.

However, I am having trouble deciding on what monitors to get, which is why I'm turning to everyone here for suggestions.

My thoughts... 24" IPS panel, with obviously as thin of a bezel as possible. Budget isn't much of an issue, but of course cost saving suggestions are always welcomed!

Thanks for the assistance!
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    I firstly have the Viewsonic. It's only 23 inches, but an Ips panel. It has nearly no bezzle, and its around 160 bucks.

    Next, we have these Asus Ips monitors. They do have some bezzle, more than the Viewsonic but has a 2 ms response time, and is the full 24 inches.

    My last one, here's another Asus monitor. It's 23 inches, and is nearly bezzeless. It's 200 bucks and the reviews are mixed on them. Also, like the view sonic the response time is unclear.
  2. I suggest you go with a 27 inch 1440p IPS PLS monitor or 4k if you don't mind spending the money for the monitor and extra gpu power.

    I Tried playing BF4 on 3 TN monitors with 770 SLI and I found that BF4 looked much better with my 1440p monitor powered by a single gtx 780 ti.

    I was able to max out the game @ 1440p with 100% scaling however with 3 monitors and 770 sli maxing out the game wasn't an option.

    I suggest getting the Asus panels for a multi monitor setup however it's a lot of work because you need to calibrate the monitors in order for them to look good!

    Getting a calibrated monitor from Samsung or Asus would be my suggestion and 780 or 780 ti sli.

    1 780 ti should be fine for 1440p gaming right now.
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