Video Card (and Driver) Mega Problem! Please Help!

Hi guys! :) I hope to write in the right space..
I have a big problem. I have the video card AMD HD 7970 Direct CU II..
For some problems (damages caused by the travel from Italy to Canada) I had to change some pieces and I took the opportunity for put inside good stuff: an processor intel i7 4770k, and the motherboard, the Gigabyte Z87M-D3H, I've reinstalled windows 7, formatted all and reinstalled all the drivers.
Here the problem:
When I've installed the drivers AMD for the video card, my monitor started to vibrate for 2 minutes and after the monitor freeze. I've tried to install other versions of the driver (older and beta), same problem.
If I restart my computer, it start, after two mins Always the same problem. If I change the cable's gateway it works but not so well, the test for the performance is just 1 for the video performance! (Maybe I'm using the intel integrated video card..) ?
So, with the driver my pc go fast and the games works but my monitor freeze after 2-3 mins, without the driver it works but the games doesn't start (even the solitary go well!!!) and the performance test is 1..
I hope my video card is not damaged becouse I need it for work and after the new pieces I don't have enough money now :(

What I can do more? :( there is something that I could do from the Bios?
Thanks for your help..
p.s. yesterday I've installed the driver again before to go to sleep, this morning it worked but just an illusion.. worked like before: the games doesn't run and the test is one.
I'm desperate, I've spent 2 days for check an solution for it!
Please help me, thank you! And sorry for my bad English!
some more info: my monitor is the LG Flatron IPS226V-PN,
I'm using an DVI cable, It's better if I'll buy an HDMI and try with it?
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  1. When you upgraded components did you completely uninstall all AMD software from Programs and Features and then run Display Driver Uninstaller to clean up the remnants? Sounds like a driver conflict error to me.

    I'd uninstall all AMD software from Programs and Features, reboot to safe mode, run Display Driver Uninstaller and do Clean Uninstall and Restart option, reboot and install the latest beta 14.4 drivers from to see if that fixes your problems.
  2. Hi S4in7!
    thanks for your fast response..
    The first time that I've installed the driver I did it after the formatting.. I'll try again following your instruction, I hope you're right!
    Thanks again! :*
  3. Sorry again,
    Nothing... it seems working but after 2-3 mins started again vibrate some lines and then monitor freeze.. I've changed cable's door and now I'm writing you from here..
    I followed all of your steps.. I've unistalled all the drivers (with driver sweeper) BUT I didn't unistall "AMD Catalyst install manager" becouse if I'll do it, it will leave all of my drivers, (USB, Chipset, ecc..from the MoBo, I did so yesterday and I didn't be able to use mouse or keyboard) could be this the problem? I have to uninstall all of it for sure? It shows no more Drivers for uninstall.. it's just the software for install new drivers..
    By the way, now the computer knows the video card and I can see it in devices manager (before the name was just VGA card).. the results of the test is no longer 1 (it's 5 for gaming I'm sure it's still bad).. but if I use the input door of the videocard, my monitor will be always freezed (somethimes shows blu line, somethimes just color full screen) I really don't understand why..

    Do you think I have to unistall the AMD Catalyst install manager ( I'll need to reinstall all the drivers again for the motherboard if) and then do what you said before ?
    Thank you, you can save my life #_#
  4. Yes, use the AMD Catalyst Install Manager to Express Uninstall ALL AMD software, your mouse and keyboard will still work :) Then run Driver Sweeper or Display Driver Uninstaller in safe mode, reboot and reinstall latest drivers.
  5. s4in7 said:
    Yes, use the AMD Catalyst Install Manager to Express Uninstall ALL AMD software, your mouse and keyboard will still work :) Then run Driver Sweeper or Display Driver Uninstaller in safe mode, reboot and reinstall latest drivers.

    I did all.. Nothing is changed :( What do you think it could be?
    Untill I restart my computer for complete the driver's installation it works, after the reboot works for 2 mins with vibraion and then all is freezed with blu lines in the monitor.. without driver it works and with the driver installed works only the mobo's input door :(

    Can I try something else?
    Thank you very much for your time!
  6. Here's one last thing we can try: open your computer up and take out the RAM, and graphics card(s) and blow all dust and debris out of the computer then reseat the RAM and graphics card(s) into their slots and boot up and try again.

    I'm thinking maybe the graphics card or RAM got bumped and unseated when you traveled, so maybe they just need to be re-positioned for them to work.

    Worth a try.
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