Best budget motherboard for home PC?

Hi, I'm looking for a motherboard for a home PC that I'm going to be building for someone in a few weeks. I'm going to be using a Haswell i3 processor so it needs to be S1150. It doesn't need to have any special features but it needs to be fairly long life as he probably won't be upgrading for a good few years. Budget is around £40, I'd also appreciate any other recommendations for parts you might have, although I'm pretty set on the other parts. Thanks in advance.
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    that's a wide ?? you asked. for me it starts with money. so I got x-amount to spend and I want the best and fits my needs for what I got in the budget . so this last build it ended up being a asrock extreme6 -i5 4670- hd7850 now this anit top-end but its not low end but it was the best parts I could afford to spend on at the time and I tried to ''balance'' everything to were I did not feel I would be selling my self short for the tasks I need it to do. but to each his own.. you got to look up what parts you feel you need or want and decide on witch parts will give you a well working ''balanced'' rig for all your tasks. like the chip ya I would like the i7 but for the extra $100 would it be overkill for my needs ? and for that extra $100 could I use it toward a better board and vid card or psu ? in the end its all up to you. you just got to take everything into consideration and hope it is what your looking for in the end. good luck
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