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I am planning to buy a solid state drive JUST for OS Windows 8.1.
How much space do I need for only windows?

I also been reading that I need to leave ~20% free space. So can I just make a new partition on the ssd only for free space?
ex: I partition about 20% of a 128GB SSD which is 26GB. So there will be two drives of the SSD. One free 26GB that i will never use, and the other 102GB that I will use ONLY for OS Windows 8.1.
Is this possible? Will I harm the SSD in any way, shape, or form?

P.S. I'm using an old 1TB HDD just for crap stuff.

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    No. Bad idea.

    With a 128GB SSD, you can have your OS and all/most applications on it.
    Large games and files can live elsewhere.
  2. No the 20% free space you do NOT want to partition off.

    The recommendations for leaving free space is actually for the OS and if you partition it off then you've just defeated the purpose of leaving the space free.
  3. Most Microsoft Windows installations plus Windows updates use somewhere around 20GB to 22GB give or take a couple of gigs.

    Normally there is no reason to partition an ssd. Their capacity is simply not large enough to warrant it. In addition, there is no reason to manually format the ssd for use. Let Microsoft Windows do it automatically for you during the Windows installation process. One large C: drive. No muss! No fuss! No bother!

    As for the free space just remember to check available ssd capacity every once in a while to make sure you do not fill the ssd to capacity. Keeping about 20% unused is a good general rule of thumb.
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