CPU overheat . Thermal Compound!!! Help

Hi everyone, I live in India and in Summers Temps go high to 50°c and Room Temp stays near about 42°c . Of course While Gaming in This Temp, CPU will overheat .

I have a Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 with Stock Cooler Purchased in 2010 and Till Now, The Processor never Had Overheating Issue in Summers but this Summer I'm getting Temps over 80°c on Load . I remember that I recently Removed its Heatsink for Cleaning and I din't used a Thermal Compound and the Pre-applied Thermal Compound is near about 4 Years Old .

Could this be my Problem? I've not Changed its Thermal Compound since 4 Years .
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    You need thermal paste. You need to clean off the old, and re-apply new thermal paste every time you remove the heat sink.
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