is it capable of 3 monitors?

Hello everyone. I'm currently running 2 monitors on my nvidia 9800gt 1gb green edition. Both of my currently monitors is 1080p 23 inches or 24. I was starting to think since I got a VGA, dvi, HDMI input why not connect my old monitor as well ( 21 inches 1600x900 res) will it cause to much lag or errors. I'm only using 1 monitor for gaming others for Skype and Facebook and other random stuff. Will it become a problemn or cause massive lag or will it run?. The 2 1080p's I'm currently running is running very smooth and nice by the way. Will it still run smooth with 3 monitors?. Regards Nick :)
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    If you already have the old monitor, why not hook it up and see the results for yourself?
  2. Was as well thinking to do it but before taking it out of my other PC I wanted to see what you guys would recommend :-)
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