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Hi Im trying to fix someones pc and I reinstall windows xp right after the install the pc reboots to the windows xp setup then it gives me the blue screen of death saying that the video driver failed to initialize what can I do I have to give then pc back soon
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    You have to update the Video driver from VGA Mode (logged on in VGA Mode).. the one in the Windows CD is apparently not compatible or adequate for the video chip/card.

    Right after the BIOS post, press F8 once every second or hold F8 till the Safe Mode options list appears on the Screen, and select the VGA Mode. VGA mode is the default video mode for Windows XP with any video chip/card so it should stop rebooting to allow you to update/install the correct driver.

    To find the right driver visit the video card manufacturer website and look in Support / Drivers downloads... and if you have trouble detecting the video chip/card make install HWiNFO or Speccy to detect it, or install SlimDrivers to automatically find, download and install the right driver, uninstall the driver updater when you're done.
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